Places to see in Mukteshwar Uttarakhand

Been there but have you seen there…

Major tourist attractions in n around Mukteshwar is known to all but there are still some more to explore here. on your upcoming trip, consider these activity oriented sight seeing to make your trip experiential.

Forest trails – there are at least 3-4 interesting trails starting from the famous Mukteshwar Temple and Chauli ki Jalli, taking you through the pristine forest of IVRI to various sides of the mountain, bringing you back to the various Kumaon Hamlets.

Methodist Church –

IVRI goat farms

Renewable Park in Mukteshwar

This place is the best and suitable place which is now attracting the large number of hotels that are situated to keep the tourists away from the hustle and bustle of Mukteshwar city. However, this park is on renewable stage that is being managed by the TERI, The Energy and Resources Institute.

Experience the place with Mountain biking

Jain Temple visit

Fruit Orchard visit during the summers

NGO visit

Poly houses around

Methodist Church Mukteshwar

This Church is one of the main beauty of the area and the designs of the church walls and roofs attract tourists to take a glance of the art and architecture. The bells in the church are presented by a certain Barbara on Christmas in the memories of her parent. The way to this church is a steep and narrow and the black stripes point the exact way. The path took the hard work of several labours to make it through the hills.Just before you hit Chaulli on the way up, a black metal strip on a tree points out the way to the Methodist Church. The narrow path has been cut in rock and polished smooth over the years by passing hooves and feet, so watch your step. The church is homely, in keeping with the town it was built for. Its walls and tin roof are well preserved. The steeple has a bell presented by a certain Barbara, in memory of her parents, on Christmas Day. The only way to find out what treasures lie concealed behind the church’s low wooden door is to come between 3 and 4 pm on a Sunday. At other times, you will find it locked.

Indian Vaeterinary Research Institute Mukteshwar

This is the another attraction of the Mukteshwar region. It was established in 1893 and is one of the colonial organization and the heritage of India. It provides research to improve the condition and promotes the growth of the veterinary science. This place can be viewed by visitors and is the place where the research is carried out in bacterial, animal nutrition and genetic of animals.

Apart from the above popular places, the Mukteshwar Inspection Bungalow can also be visited that is located near the Shiva Temple. This is also dedicated to Jim Corbett who was the famous British naturalist and hunter.

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