3 Ways to go Eco Friendly on your next Mountain Trip 

It is of utmost important that we protect the beautiful mountains that have rejuvenated and recharged us on multiple occasions. The excessive in flow of tourists in to mountains has caused a major threat to the survival of many mountain species of birds, fishes, animals and much more. Here are 3 tips for you this season to make sure that you have a greener and eco friendly trip this time:

  1. Carry a steel bottle

Carry your own bottle of water in your hiking bag the next time you head out on a sight seeing trip. There are various fresh water sources in the mountains from where you can fill your steel bottles and enjoy the fresh water of the springs. Buying mineral water in the mountains causes severe plastic pollution and leads to deterioration of the beautiful mountains that we all love with our dearest hearts. 

  1. Carry a spoon and a fork in your bag

Do not use the plastic spoons and forks to eat outside anywhere in the mountains. Carry your own steel spoons, forks and straws to go eco friendly in the hills. Plastic spoons, straws, plates and forks used by the tourists in the mountains are some of the major causes of pollution. Carrying your own cutlery in the mountains will go a long way in saving the mountains for our future generations. 

  1. If possible, carry a garbage bag and collect the plastic waste that you find on your hike

If it is not too much inconvenience, you can also give a hand in cleaning the hills of the plastic waste that other people might have mindlessly thrown out. It will not only make the mountains cleaner, it will also give you another reason to be super proud of yourself. Meanwhile, it goes without saying that the plastic waste that you use on your trip, should also go in the same garbage bag and not on the floor. Littering is again one of the biggest reasons for pollution and we must do everything to prevent it. 

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