5 Essentials to Carry on any Mountain Trip

You will find numerous trip organizers tempting you into heading to the mountains but very few will tell you things you need to carry in your backpacks to stay safe in the hills. Here we have curated a well thought and researched list of essentials you must carry to every mountain trip from now on!

  1. Hiking Shoes

Wearing the right kind of shoes when in the mountains is the most important thing of all. You will often see people wearing sandals or sport shoes to mountains, which is a strict no-no if you want to be safe. Sport shoes are not the same as hiking shoes. You never know what kind of terrain you might end up in the mountains, so be prepared for anything and everything. Hiking shoes provide the necessary friction to prevent you from slipping, sliding, falling and hurting yourself.

  1. Torch and Batteries

No, we don’t mean the flashlight in your phone. Always carry a torch and some batteries in that favorite backpack of yours. Once you move even slightly away from the main town, it’s hard to find street lights anywhere in the mountains. If you don’t time your hikes well, you might end up in a dark street after sunset. Because flashlights use up a lot of battery in phones, it is best that you carry a torch and a few batteries that fit your torch. 

  1. Small backpacks instead of huge strollers

In mountains, often the roads leading to your hotel/resort/homestays are not well constructed. Carrying big suitcases may be a hassle for both you and the people traveling with you. Try to carry only essentials and pack light when traveling to the mountains.

  1. A basic first aid kit

Carrying a basic first aid kit is important when you’re going to the mountains. Carry important first aid materials like antiseptic ointments, bandages, band-aids, paracetamol, anti-nausea pills and other standard first aid materials that your doctor prescribes. Also carry sunscreen and mosquito repellent creams when heading to the hills. 

  1. Woolen clothes appropriate for the weather

Travelers often forget to check the weather of the location that they are traveling to and end up feeling either hot or cold depending on the weather. For a winter mountain trip, one must carry a big and warm jacket along with other woolen essentials like sweaters, cap, muffler, headband, and socks. For summers, one should also carry cotton clothes along with woolens as it can be overwhelmingly hot during the day due to the sun.

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