Packing your Bag for your first Mountain Trip!

Packing for a mountain trip can sometimes be tricky because you need to carry stuff depending on the weather and weather in the mountains can change in a heartbeat. First and foremost, it is important to check the weather for your traveling dates. Based on the weather, these are some things that we recommend you to pack to have a comfortable trip. 

For the sunny weather 

If a brief search on the internet tells you that the weather of your travel destination is going to be sunny in the day, it is important that you carry your summer clothes. Yes! You heard it right. We are asking you to pack those breezy summer clothes to the mountains. Summers in the mountains can be overwhelmingly hot during the day due to the Sun. If you are wearing a pullover, hoodie or high neck top during the day, you are bound to feel extremely hot in the outfit ruining your entire trip. Also carry some light woolens for the night, because nights in the mountains are always cold, irrespective of the weather. Carry a sweater and a muffler in your bag while going away from your hotel for over 2 hours because the weather in the mountains changes any time. Give yourself the option of layering clothes in case the weather changes during the day. 

For Monsoons

Monsoons in mountains are generally moderately cold. It’ll be cold both during the day and at night. The sun is generally covered in clouds and in mountains, where there is no sun, there is no heat. Still wear a cotton t-shirt or a cotton top under your sweater at all times to give yourself the option to remove layers whenever the sun returns during the day. For nights, carry at least one heavy jacket, and a warm sweater. Always carry a muffler in the mountains to offer extra warmth. 

For Winters

Packing for a trip to the mountains in winters can be the most tricky. Some people only carry sweaters and jackets while others sometimes underestimate how cold it can get at night. Not carrying the right clothes can leave you feeling sick the entire trip, ruining the experience for you. Apart from carrying warm sweaters and a puffer jacket, one must carry a pair of woolen gloves, a muffler and a cap. Without these 3 essentials in your bag, it might become hard for you to tolerate the winter in mountains. 3 layers of clothes: a T-shirt, a warm sweater, and a puffer jacket, coupled with gloves, a cap and a muffler will keep you warm and ready to face the cold breeze. Carry warm woolen socks instead of the regular cotton socks if you’re planning to visit the mountains in winters.

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