3 Reasons to Visit Mukteshwar

Mukteshwar is a paradise for all those who are in love with the mountains. Settled in the Kumaon hills of Nainital district, Mukteshwar offers a scenic view of some of the greatest peaks of Himalayas. While the scenic view is one perk of being in Mukteshwar, there are many more attractions of the destination that will leave you stunned. 

Here are three reasons why you must visit Mukteshwar this Summer:

  1. The Mythological tales about Mukteshwar

As the name suggests, Mukteshwar is the spot where a demon king was killed by Lord Shiva. This is where he attained salvation after being killed by Lord Shiva, and hence the name, Mukteshwar. Many followers also visit Mukteshwar to visit the famous Mukteshwar temple that requires a hike through beautiful and scenic routes to the temple, which itself offers the most scenic views of the Himalayas. 

  1. Experience Living in the Lap of Nature

If you’re a nature-philiac, Mukteshwar is the place for you to spend your next trip. Flora and fauna, both are in abundance in Mukteshwar. Variety of fruits, flowers and trees on top of varied kinds of animals are some of the many attractions of Mukteshwar. Take a stroll through the woods, visit apple orchards, take hikes through the magnificent routes dotted with trees on both sides and lose yourself in the nurturing lap of nature. 

  1. Experience Bird Watching

Nestled in the unique land of Uttarakhand, Mukteshwar is home to a variety of bird species of India. India has a rich and dense forest cover, and therefore, has several species of indigenous birds, many of which are found in the Kumaon ranges. 

Book a guide who will take you through the woods to show you birds that are found in Mukteshwar. While spotting birds, you can also spot deers, monkeys, langurs and many more harmless animals allowing you a taste of nature in the mountains.

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