5 Interesting Facts about Nainital that you must know 

  1. Nainital was discovered by Peter Barron

Once a British sugar merchant named Peter Barron, during one of his many travel adventures, stopped at a village named Khairna in 1839. A young boy told him about the lake across the hill and that’s how he discovered the beauty of Nainital. He wrote a memoir on the incredible aesthetics of the district that brought Nainital into notice of the British Empire. That’s when the British established a colony in Nainital. 

  1. Nainital is home to 7 lakes

Nainital is rightly called the lake district of India as it is home to 7 fresh water lakes. Among others are the Nainital lake in the shape of an eye, the Bhimtal lake and the Naukuchiatal lake, all attracting thousands of tourists every year, in search of peace, quiet and quaint. 

  1. Oldest golf course in India

Nainital is home to the oldest 18-hole golf course in India that was built in 1926 by the British. Nainital’s golf course is one of the many historic golf courses of India and was opened for the general public in 1994. 

  1. Home to all four religions of India

Nainital is one mountain district in India where a temple, a gurdwara, a church and a mosque, all are found within a radius of 1km. Nainital is the living proof of secularism in our country and how we still maintain unity, despite diversity. 

  1. The story of the incomplete railway dream

Attracted by the beautiful weather of Nainital, the British established a colony there. Like the rest of India, the British wished to connect Kathgodam and Nainital by a railway line. However, that dream could never be completed because India gained independence before this plan could be executed. 

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