Things to Consider before Planning a Trip to the Mountains

While the entire world is now moving to the mountains for vacations and stays, very few know how to be safe in the mountains. Mountains can often be very wild and if you don’t have the required things to protect yourself, you might find yourself in an unsafe and difficult situation. 

  1. How are you traveling? 

If you are planning to drive your own car, make sure someone who has good control over driving and good reflexes drives your car. Mountain driving is very different from city driving and can be extremely tricky. If you’re not 100% sure of your driving, take a driver who’s experienced in mountain driving. 

  1. How is the weather?

The Indian mountains are the most comfortable to travel to during spring and autumn. It is not advisable to visit mountains during extreme rainfall. Landslides are quite a common site in the mountains during monsoon. To avoid being in an accident or being stuck in long traffic jams, do not take a mountain trip during peak monsoon. 

  1. Do you have the appropriate gear?

An appropriate gear is very-very important when traveling to the mountains. Check the weather online beforehand and pack the required gear. Pack good non-sliding hiking shoes for monsoon, good snow boots for winters and trekking shoes if you’re planning to venture a trek. Check our article on _______________ for more information. 

  1. Where is your hotel?

Often hotels in the mountains are constructed in a way that the car can’t reach till the end point. Depending on the people accompanying you for the trip, make sure you’ve booked the right hotel. If you have old people in your family, make sure that you book a hotel or a resort that doesn’t require a hike to reach the spot. 

  1. Are the travel days enough for your itinerary? 

People often clutter their itineraries with more stuff than they can ideally cover. This can sometimes leave people stranded in the mountains because, in mountains, there are often no lights after the sunset. Plan your trip in a way that you can be back to the main town, from your hikes, before sunset. Stay near your resort/hotel after sunset to stay safe in the mountains. 

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