Thinking about how to start your mountain journey? We have a few tips!

Are you tired of watching people posting reels of traveling to the mountains? If you’re wondering how to start your own journey to the hills, we have a few tips on how to start and the do’s and don’ts for your first Mountain trip. 

How to pick the first location? 

For your first location, always pick a location that is at the nearest distance from your home. Mountain traveling can be tricky and it is something that one gets used to over time. If your very first destination is far away from home, the traveling itself might exhaust you so much that you may not enjoy the rest of the trip. 

Another main consideration while choosing the location has to be the weather. Don’t choose destinations with extreme kinds of weather for your first few trips. Choose a location with pleasant weather, to give yourself time to understand how the weather in mountains works. Once you’ve been to a couple of destinations, you’ll understand the kind of clothes you need to pack for each weather. 

What to pack?

Make sure to check the weather forecast for your travel dates before planning a trip. Depending on the weather, pack clothes appropriate to the weather. Check our complete article on how to choose the right clothes for your mountain trips

Don’t forget to pack a torch and some batteries, a pair of gloves, a cap and a raincoat. Weather can be very unpredictable in the mountains, so be prepared for rain at any time. If you’re carrying a camera, carry a waterproof bag for your camera to save it from rain. 

Shoes are another important thing that you cannot visit the mountains without. And not only shoes, but the right kind of shoes. A pair of hiking shoes is a must for your first Mountain trip. Again, because mountains can be very unpredictable, always leave the hotel wearing your hiking shoes. The terrain that you’ll be walking on can change at any point and hiking shoes protect you from any kind of unfortunate injury.

How to choose the hotel? 

If this is your first time visiting the mountains, choose a hotel that has good reviews online and that generally gets a lot of footfall. Pre-book your hotel and do not leave bookings for the last minute. Once you learn to travel in the mountains, you can also reach without booking your hotel. An experienced traveler knows about the tourist rush in different locations in different months. A new traveler takes some time to understand these things and so, it is best to pre-book your stay. 

Staying in a hostel is the best idea if you’re traveling alone for the first time. Meeting new and interesting people, and going on hikes with them can be a great experience for new travelers. It also ensures safety as hiking alone in the mountains may not be the best idea.

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